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The Hokianga health service and the Hokianga Hospital have a long and rich history.
The first Hokianga Hospital was sited at the old Harp of Erin Hotel in Russell Esplanade. The first documented reference to the 'Rawene Cottage Hospital' is in the statistics of Whangarei Hospital Expenditure 1903-1905. The hospital has been functioning from its present site on a high hill above the township of Rawene since its opening on 3 June 1909.

The story of Hokianga's health services is a tribute to the character and tenacity of a host of people who, for over a century, have built a remarkable health service. It is a story of achievement, innovation, determination and above all, of unity.

There are many exceptional people who have contributed to the unique Hokianga model of care - from the pioneers who instigated the service and engendered the vision to those who have fought through successive challenges of beureaucracy and government.

From the opening of the hospital in 1909 through to the development of the integrated Primary Health Organisation of today with its extensive and up to date premises, it is the strength of the Hokianga community which has underpinned the Hokianga health services.

There is no doubt that Hauora Hokianga services are the strong and thriving success they are today due to the visions of the legendary Dr George McCall Smith and the equally passionate people who followed in his footsteps.

Hokianga Hospital Opening 1909Hokianga Hospital Opening 1909

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Hokianga Health Enterprise Trust is a registered charitable trust owned and governed by the people of Hokianga
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