Hauora Hokianga Scholarships

The Trust offers three scholarships which can assist the payment of fees and expenses for medical, nursing or allied health students.

These are the Dr G.M. Smith Medical Scholarship, the A.R. Cox Nursing Scholarship, and the Hokianga Health Trustees' Scholarship.

Application for these scholarships is open to a student already undertaking medical, nursing or allied health studies who either went to school in Hokianga or who has whakapapa links with Hokianga. Applications are received by the Trust by 31 October of each year from students who have studied in that year, to be considered for the scholarship of the following year.

For more details about the scholarships or application forms please contact Leona Kenworthy on 09-405-7320, or send a request via our contacts form.

Dr G.M. Smith Medical Scholarship

The Dr G.M. Smith scholarship involves the researching and writing of an essay, the specific topic of which is decided by the Trust in any year. For 2017 the topic was “What is your vision for the future health and well-being of the people of Hokianga,given that Dr Smith was a visionary and was able to look beyond constraints and put in place a system which advantaged not only Hokianga but also other remote rural areas in New Zealand.”

Past Scholars:

  • 2019 Rose Harris
  • 2019 Chloe Tibble-Ferguson
  • 2018 Kapowairua Stephens
  • 2017 Tawera Taylor
  • 2016 Sarah Clifford, John Hayter, Shona Naera
  • 2015 Gina Donk
  • 2014 Rob Carr
  • 2011 Hanna Child
  • 2008 Renus Stowers
  • 2004 Rachel Dempsey
  • 2003 Rachel Dempsey
  • 2000 Jonathon Robles-Smith

A.R. Cox Nursing Scholarship

The A.R. Cox scholarship involves the researching and writing of an essay on the history and development of the Hokianga nursing model and its relevance to modern-day practice.

No award was made in 2016 for the A.R. Cox scholarship.

  • 2017 Helena Adams
  • 2015 Lesley Thorburn
  • 2014 Kate Chandler
  • 2013 Greer Heald
  • 2012 Genevieve Foggo
  • 2011 Aiofe Bawden
  • 2010 Sonia Booth
  • 2009 Sonia Booth
  • 2008 Sherryn Aslani
  • 2006 Cynthia Otene
  • 2003 Jackie McCullough
  • 2002 Anita Wilson

Trustees' Scholarship

The Hokianga Health Trustees' Scholarship involves the researching and writing of an essay explaining the integrated care/PHO model of health care delivery provided by Hokianga Health, in particular the benefits to our patients.

No award was made in 2015, 2016, or 2017 for the Trustees' scholarship.

Past Scholars:

  • 2019 Fiona O'Neill
  • 2014 Khan Buchwald-Mackintosh (psychology)
  • 2011 Jennifer-Kaye Fletcher (midwifery)
  • 2010 Hamish McMillan (Physiotherapy)