Contact Phone Numbers

For medical emergencies dial 111 for ambulance.

General Enquiries405-7709
Administration405-7709 extn 800
Health Centre Fax405-7875
Health of Older Person405-7730
Hospital405-7709 extn 801
Broadwood Clinic409-5813
Horeke Clinic401-9642
Kohukohu Clinic405-5860
Mangamuka Clinic401-8952
Omapere Clinic405-8888
Panguru Clinic409-5321
Pawarenga Clinic409-5012
Rawene Clinic405-7709 extn 891
Taheke Clinic401-4819
Waimamaku Clinic405-4870

Postal Address

Hokianga Health Enterprise Trust
Private Bag 753
Kaikohe 0440
New Zealand

Physical Address

Hokianga Hospital
163 Parnell Street
Rawene 0443
New Zealand

Contact Form

Please use this form only for general information about Hokianga Health or enquiries about this website. If you wish to make an appointment, renew prescriptions, or access our clinical services, please phone.